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Femiro Fitness is the brand that best represents the capital's diversity and creativity. Our brand Femiro Fitness is synonymous with high-quality fitness equipment and wellness. Convince yourself of our fitness equipment for at home and outside, learn about the world of electromobility, or simply enjoy our diverse product range at work and at home! Femiro Fitness collaborates with the best in the industry to realise this vision, with best-in-class customer service as our top priority. Femiro Fitness is the leading fitness equipment brand in India. We will always be "your fitness companion" for all of your fitness needs.



Our vision is to grow and lead the global fitness industry by improving the efficiency, knowledge, convenience, safety, enjoyment, and goal-attainment of home-based fitness activities through technology-infusion, design intelligence, and a transparent culture of productivity and growth.



Our immediate goal is to establish our brands across all channels and product categories in the Fitness Equipment & Accessories Industry. Parallel to that, we will develop competitive and technologically advanced manufacturing of Smart Fitness Equipment in India, which will be scalable by leveraging our existing market presence.


What do we offer?

Femiro Fitness, Fitness and Sports Equipment is available from us.

We help people transform their lifestyles mystically by assisting them in finding the best personal gym equipment tailored to their needs by providing the best brand in Fitness, Sports, and Accessories online. We make certain that our customers, regardless of which category they fall into, receive the best of our services that correspond to their satisfaction on all product brands we offer.



Call (or) WhatsApp us on +91 7306397686.

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